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Please review the attached Contact Information Tree to find the appropriate person to help you out. Then check the list below for the contact information.

AYSO 177 Division Coordinators
Title Name Contact
U5 Division Coordinator Tim Talley
U6 Girls Coordinator Pat Emigh
U6 Boys Coordinator Joseph Baleto
U8 Girls Coordinator Keith Matlock /
Lexi Donovan
U8 Boys Coordinator Jodi Delgado /
Joseph Baleto
U10 Girls Coordinator Eve Rasmussen
U10 Boys Coordinator Chris Wilmoth
U12 Girls Coordinator Norma Rothman
U12 Boys Coordinator Michelle Walker
U14 Girls Coordinator 2014 Volunteer Needed
U14 Boys Coordinator
2014 Volunteer Needed
U16 Coordinator 2014 Volunteer Needed
U19 Coordinator 2014 Volunteer Needed

Division Commissioners
Title Name Contact
U5-U8 Division Commissioner Shawn Oatey
U10-U12 Division Commissioner
Jen Paz
U14-U19 Division Commissioner
Ron Leao

Regional Commissioner
Title Name Contact
Regional Commissioner
William Worden
Assistant Regional Commissioner Volunteer Needed
Program Coordinators/Administrators
Title Name Contact
Coach Administrator Matt Lunsford
Director of Player Development William Worden
Referee Administrator Dan Minkoff
Referee Administrator Volunteer Needed
Flex Program Coordinator Travis Taylor
Registrar Dawn Thornley
Spring Program Coordinator (U10+) - U10G Eve Rasmussen
- U10B Volunteer Needed
- U12G Matt Lunsford
- U12B Jennifer Allyn
- U14+ Chuck Posner
Spring Program Coordinator (U06-U08) - U06G Lexi Donovan
- U06B Joseph Baleto
- U08G Eve Rasmussen
- U08B Jodi Delgado
VIP Coordinator Cheryl Hallock
Team/Parent Coordinator Jennifer Allyn


Volunteer Training
Safehaven Certification Link
CDC Concussion Training link

Dogs on School Campuses
Please do not bring any dogs onto to Hill or Stanford Middle Schools. Please leave your dogs at home or you are risking the use of the fields for our region.

Volunteering in AYSO Region 177
If you are interested in helping out next year as a division coordinator, board member, or any other type of volunteer please contact William Worden, Regional Commissioner.

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