AYSO Region 177 is located in Long Beach/Belmont Shore, California. The goal of AYSO Region 177 and the AYSO organization is to encourage the growth of soccer and promote positive child development. AYSO is a parent-based volunteer organization providing a soccer program for all children regardless of experience or skill level. Registration of your child in our program implies responsibility to the team and adherence to the six principles of AYSO: Everyone Plays, Balanced Teams, Positive Coaching, Open Registration, Good Sportsmanship, Player Development.

Region PO Box Information

For Player Registration Paperwork: P. O. Box 41763, Long Beach, CA 90853

Note: Please address all correspondence to "AYSO Region 177" or it will be returned.

Introducing Spring 2015 Soccer Academy

We are very excited to introduce a new and completely different Spring program. The Spring program is a skill-focused player development program for motivated and dedicated soccer players of all ages. Our Spring Soccer Academy is a ten week program focusing on technical training to maximize players skills and confidence in preparation for the Fall season. Our goal is simple: Player development to help all players and coaches improve their skills through high quality, intensive technical training. Sign-ups begin on 12/15/14 are on www.eayso.org. (log in, signup for other programs and follow the prompts.)

For more information, please download the attached PDF.

Game Status 11/1

Time: 11:30
Date: 11/1

UPDATE: U5 Jamboree at Whaley park has been suspended for the day

Games are on at all Fields. Please show up with your teams to play as planned.

A Message to all Coaches

Date: 8/9/2014

Welcome to AYSO Region 177. We thank you for volunteering your time and service to our program. It is important that you understand and implement AYSO's philosophy, for it is you who will have the most contact with and impact upon our young participants and their parents.

First, make sure you know the game and the coaching techniques AYSO has found to be most successful. We have several publications which can help you, and we will hold a series of clinics coordinated by me. It is imperative that you participate in one or more of these clinics so that you can promote the very best and latest in instruction to the players on your team. I will be glad to assist you personally in any way I can. We are in the works on setting dates for those clinics and the use of the UK coaches.

Second, remember that we are playing the game for fun and for the fun of the children. While you should encourage the very best performance out of your team, never lose sight of the fact that it is just a game and played for fun within the AYSO philosophies of Everyone Plays, Balanced Teams, Positive Coaching, Good Sportsmanship and Player Development.

Third, remember the "Everyone Plays" rule. Every one of your players must play at least half of each game. It is suggested that the same players should not always sit out the first quarter of each game, so that they do not think of themselves as permanent substitutes, and that, if possible, players should play at least three-quarters of some games. In our region we do play the three quarter rule during the standard (regional) season.

Fourth, cooperate with the referees. They are volunteers like you and are called upon to make judgments like you. Please insist that the parents of the players maintain decorum at all times. Remember-we do not allow protests. There is ZERO tolerance towards any abuse of a youth referee.

Fifth, present an attitude of good sportsmanship, in both word and action, to your players and their parents. We desire to create a positive environment based upon mutual respect, rather than a win-at-all costs attitude.

Sixth, we hold practices once or twice a week (U6-U8 1x a week and U10 and up 2x a week), depending on field availability and your own time commitments. The practices mean more than the games. Children learn skills and how to play soccer through multiple touches on the ball. Plan your practices in advance, as time is limited. Work with the other coaches at your practices and leave the field promptly at the end of your allotted time. Remember we are all volunteers.

Have a great season and best of luck to your team.If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

Matt Lunsford

Coach Administrator

A Reminder about Weather and the Season...

Date: 08/01/14

The Region does everything in its power to have games occur during the Fall Season per our schedule. There are a few circumstances when that may need to change:

Heavy Rain

Visibile signs of Lightening in the area

Bad air conditions

Extreme heat

Civil Unrest or any condition that would not be safe

If the decision to cancel either games or practice is made, the program will communicate with your coaches prior to start times. We will also post both here and at our Facebook account that we have canceled. Once we cancel the day, regardless if the clouds open up or the concern dissipates, we remain canceled for the day. Further, given the tight timelines, we do not reschedule games canceled for these reasons. There is just not enough time and we maximize the calendar to get as many games in as possible.

If the following concerns were to occur once games have started, the presiding Referee has final say on the matches in play. The Regional and/or Divisional Commissioners may consult with the Referee and inform on a decision at the field as well and any decision made at that point is final. This may include a pausing of games, if the concern is less severe, and games could resume if possible later in the day, but also could be a cancellation.

Thank you for your understanding on this matter and understand that these decisions are made with the best interest of your children and family in mind

The Region 177 Volunteer Staff

Special Thanks!

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Volunteer Training
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Pets at AYSO activities
Please do not bring any pets, including dogs, to any Region 177 activity. Please leave your pets at home or you risk the continued use of the fields for our region.  This includes city parks and the schools we practice and play games at.

Volunteering in AYSO Region 177
If you are interested in helping out next year as a division coordinator, board member, or any other type of volunteer please contact William Worden, Regional Commissioner.

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